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Trading highly effective pharma products like Osteoporosis Injection, Pharmaceutical Injectables, Fibrin Sealant Kit, Oncology Drug, Anti Infection Injection, etc.

R M Pharmaceuticals was entered in the Indian pharmaceutical industry in the year 2015 with the motive to become a reliable source of Paclitaxel Injection IP, Anti Infection Injection, Tenecteplase (TNK-TPA) For Injection Kit, Fibrin Sealant Kit, Oncology Drugs, etc. We are a renowned trader and supplier in the industry which is known for its effective medicines, superb market understanding, reliable reputation and in-depth experience in this sector. Over the years, we have effectively scaled up our trading organization and added various names in our strong team. With the immense support of our team members and vendors, we are growing the business in a tremendous manner. 

Why Choose Us?

As a proficient market innovator, we assure the following points that lead to empowerment of our business:

  • We utilize manufacturing approaches that make our pharma products innovative & effective and do not lead to any drug wastage.
  • We capitalize on the expertise of our team to guarantee high-potency product formulation and manufacturing.
  • We manage testing plants and cold storage units where we can handle high-potency pharma products preventing contamination and quality degradation.
  • We also invest in quality packaging and forward well-packed and sealed orders in tubs, bottles, blisters, etc., as per client demand.

Our Motto

We work with a motto that directs us to touch heights and save precious time and money for our buyers. Our motto is getting effective drugs delivered to patients, right on-time, on every order.

Our Excellence

As a manufacturer working in a critical sector like healthcare, we never take our job lightly. We know that everything we do has the potential to save a life. We keep this delicate thought in mind as we channelize our expertise. We adopt leading-edge techniques for producing Tenecteplase (TNK-TPA) For Injection Kit, Fibrin Sealant Kit, Paclitaxel Injection IP, Anti Infection Injection, Oncology Drugs, etc. We have streamlined processes and can release products featuring optimum efficacy in much less time as compared to other manufacturers. Beyond product formulation, we also follow the best techniques for label design, packaging, product delivery and more across multiple locations. We can swiftly dispatch orders to any site, be it nursing homes, healthcare centres, hospitals, old age homes, etc., along with the provision of bulk drug delivery and dispatch of customized medical kits. 
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